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Civil War

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21 Bedwell, Randall, editor [Lee, Robert Edward] May I Quote You, General Lee? Observations and Utterances of the South's Great Generals
Nashville, TN Cumberland House 1997 1888952342 / 9781888952346 Softcover Very Good with no dust jacket 
X, 84 pages, illustrations, pictorial wrappers, very good. ; 84 pages 
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22 BELLARD, ALFRED Gone for a soldier: the Civil War memoirs of Private Alfred Bellard.
Boston Little, Brown & Co. , 1975 Hard Cover 
298 pages, circa 200 illustrations (many in color), map endpapers, cloth. 1st edition, very good. Based on the letters and diary of an enlisted man in Co. C, 5th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, 1861- 1864. Illustrated by the author. 
Price: 35.00 USD
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23 Bengtson, Bradley P. & Kuz, Julian E. Photographic Atlas of Civil War Injuries Photographs of Surgical Cases and Specimens, Otis Historical Archives
Grand Rapids, Mi, Medical Staff Press 1996 0963586181 / 9780963586186 First Edition Hardcover Very Good in Very Good dust jacket 
446 pages, illustrations, cloth, dust jacket, stated first edition, very good. From the DJ: George A Otis, MD, Second Curator of the Army Medical Museum, collected 400 photographs of soldier injuries and anatomical specimens from 1865-1881. He compiled them into eight volumes each containing 50 photographs with corresponding case histories. These original volumes, however, had a very limited circulation and very few complete sets still exist. This Atlas presents all 400 photographs and case histories from Otis' original volumes along with over 100 additional photographs, compiled into one book. Unavailable for over 100 years, these photographs provide a graphic representation of the incredible sacrifice soldiers form both sides of the conflict made for a cause in which they fervently believed." ; 12.30 X 10.70 X 1.40 inches; 446 pages 
Price: 160.00 USD
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24 Bertera, Martin and, Oberholtzer, Ken The 4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry At Gettysburg: the Battle for the Wheatfield
Dayton, Ohio Morningside 1997 0890293287 / 9780890293287 Hardcover Very Good in Good dust jacket 
187 pages, well illustrated, maps, rosters, cloth, DJ, very good. From the introduction: The 4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry was one of the first Michigan regiments to answer Abraham Lincoln's call for troops in 1861.; 187 pages 
Price: 35.00 USD
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25 Beyer, W. F. and Keydel, O. F. Deeds of Valor : How America's Civil War Heroes Won the Congressional Medal of Honor
Smithmark 2000 076511769X / 9780765117694 Hardcover Very Good in Very Good dust jacket 
[6], 558 pages, very well illustrated, cloth, DJ, fine. From the dust jacket: "Deeds Of Valor is a compendium of the personal memories and records of Civil War solders who were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. This book recounts 293 of the most incredible war stories and heroic acts of courage in American history that occurred in the course of 185 different battles and engagements, including Antietam, Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Bull Run, Chancellorsville, Dallas, Fort Donelson, Fort Henry, Fort Sumter, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry, Jackson, Knoxbville, Manassas, Mobile, Nashville, Richmond, Shiloh, Vicksburg, Williamsburgh, Sherman's March to the Sea and Lee's Surrender. " FRN8-5 ; 558 pages 
Price: 20.00 USD
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26 Billings, John D. Hardtack and Coffee or the Unwritten Story of Army Life Time-Life Collector's Library of the Civil War
Alexandria, Va, Time-Life 1982 0809442086 / 9780809442089 Leather Very Good with no dust jacket 
408, [2] pages, 6 color plates, many text illustrations, full black leather, very good. Reprinted from the 1887 edition. From the preface: "John D. Billings' Hard Tack and Coffee is not the usual recollection of war. It does not recount one man's adventures and sentiments. Rather, it is a topical treatise that discusses - in depth and oftentimes humorously - subjects that include enlistments, tents, rations, ambulances, signal systems, punishments, corps badges, sutlers, hospitals, eve army mules. The narrative glides with the freedom of a novel, yet it contains enough little-known facts to serve as an encyclopedia. ~This leather-bound volume, like every book in the Collector's Library of the Civil War, has been reproduced photographically from the original edition. It thus preserves the authenticity of the original, including biographical errors and printing irregularities." ; 408 pages 
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27 BOTKIN, B(enjamin) A(lbert) editor A Civil War Treasury of Tales, Legends and Folklores.
New York Promontory Press, 1993 0883940493 / 9780883940495 Hard Cover 
Illustrated by Warren Chappell. 625 pages, cloth, very good. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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28 Bowman, John S. & Henry Steele Commager The Civil War Day by Day. an Illustrated Almanac of America's Bloodiest War
Dorset Press 1989 0880293322 / 9780880293327 Hardcover Very Good in Very Good- dust jacket 
224 pages, well illustrated, maps, black cloth, dust jacket, very good. Edited by John S. Bowman. From the introduction by Henry Steele Commager: "What the Almanac provides is something at once practical and, shall we say, disciplined: a combination of a chronology, a statistical record, and an atlas. It is an encyclopedia which strives for accuracy, thoroughness and succinctness." ; 12 X 9.40 X 1 inches 
Price: 8.00 USD
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29 Bradley, Michael It Happened in the Civil War. Remarkable Events That Shaped History.
Globe Pequot Press 2010 0762758724 / 9780762758722 Second Edition Paperback Very Good with No dust jacket as issued 
176 pages, illustrations, pictorial wrappers, very good. Second edition. From the back cover: "Many of the events from the Civil War are well known - the Battle of Gettysburg, Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. But do you know the whole story? IT HAPPENED IN THE CIVIL WAR goes behind the scenes to highlight lesser-known and unusual happenings that shaped the course of the war ad touched the lives of men and women in both the North and the South." ; 8.98 X 5.98 X 0.31 inches; 176 pages 
Price: 8.00 USD
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30 BRADY, MATHEW and, LOSSING, BENSON J., LL.D. Mathew Brady's Illustrated History of the Civil War, 1861-65 and the Causes That Led Up to the Great Conflict, by Benson J. Lossing, LL. D. and a Chronological Summary and Record of Every Engagement between the Troops of the Union and of the Confederacy
New York Gramercy Books 1994 051711979x / 9780517119792 Hard Cover Very Good in Good dust jacket 
"and a Chronological Summary and Record of every Engagement between the troops of the Union and of the Confederacy and showing the total losses and casualties together with War Maps of Localities compiled from the Official Records of the War Department Illustrated with Fac-simile Photographic Reproductions of the Official War Photographs taken at the time by Mathew B. Brady under the authority of President Lincoln and now in the possession of the War Department, Washington, D. C. From whom special permission has been granted to reproduce the same to illustrate this work." [6], 512 pages, 16 color plates, thousands of illustrations and maps, cloth, DJ, very good. 8-1/2 by 11 inches. Reprint. ; 512 pages 
Price: 25.00 USD
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31 BRANDT, NAT The Town That Started the Civil War
New York Dell Publishing Company 1990 0440503965 / 9780440503965 Soft Cover Very Good 
315 pages, illustrations, pictorial wrappers, very good. From the publisher: On a crisp autumn day in Ohio, 1858, two Kentucky slave hunters were closing in on a runaway slave named John Price. Federal law said they had the right to bring the man back across state lines. But to the people of Oberlin, Ohio, the law was wrong - and they were willing to prove it with their sweat and blood. In this fascinating, spirited telling of one of the most extraordinary confrontations in U.S. history, Nat Brandt gives a blow-by-blow account of how a small but passionate army of students, farmers, former slaves, a bookstore owner, a professor, a preacher, and a cobbler risked their lives to rescue a man they didn't know - and ignited a furious conflict with a wavering U.S. government. From its first blows to the controversial trials that followed, the Oberlin Rescue was an act of uncommon heroism and courage - and a true battle for the conscience of a land. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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32 Breihan, Carl W. Quantrill and His Civil War Guerrillas.
New York City Promontory Press 1959 0883940027 / 9780883940020 Hardcover Very Good with no dust jacket 
174 pages, illustrations, boards, very good. From the Wikipedia website "Quantrill was not the only Confederate guerrilla operating in Missouri, but he rapidly gained the greatest notoriety. He and his men ambushed Union patrols and supply convoys, seized the mail, and occasionally struck towns on either side of the Kansas-Missouri border. Reflecting the internecine nature of the guerrilla conflict in Missouri, Quantrill directed much of his effort against pro-Union civilians, attempting to drive them from of the territory where he operated. Under his direction, Confederate partisans also perfected military tactics such as coordinated and synchronized attacks, planned dispersal after an attack using pre-planned routes and relays of horses, and other technical methods, including the use of the long-barreled revolvers that later became the preferred firearm of western lawmen and outlaws alike. The James-Younger Gang, many of whose members had ridden with Quantrill, applied these same techniques after the war to the robbery of trains and banks. On August 15, 1862 Quantrill and his men were officially mustered into the Confederate army under the Confederate Partisan Ranger Act. Quantrill was designated as a captain and the other officers were elected by the men. Despite the legal responsibility assumed by the Confederate government, Quantrill often acted on his own with little concern over what his government's policy or orders might be. [4] His most notable operation was the Lawrence Massacre, a revenge raid on Lawrence, Kansas in August 1863. Lawrence had historically been the base of operations of abolitionist organizations, and during the war, pro-Union irregular raids by Redlegs and Jayhawkers into Missouri. A month prior to the raid, family members of Quantrill's men who had been held as hostages by Unionist forces in a dilapidated and overcrowded Kansas City prison, had been killed when that building had collapsed. Calling for revenge, Quantrill organized a unified partisan raid on Lawrence, Kansas, the center of these Union forces. Coordinating across hundreds of miles, small bands of partisans rode over three hundred miles to rendezvous on Mount Oread in the early morning hours before the raid. Quantrill's men burned a quarter of the town's buildings, and summarily dragged out of their homes and murdered between 185-200 men and teenage boys. One of the main targets of the raid, Abolitionist Senator Jim Lane, escaped by fleeing into the cornfields. [5] The Lawrence raid was the most successful and infamous operation of Missouri's Southern guerrillas. The Confederate leadership was appalled by the raid, and withdrew even tacit support from the "bushwackers". Following the raid, in the winter of 1863-64, Quantrill led his men behind Confederate lines into Texas. There, their often lawless presence proved an embarrassment to the Confederate command." CHS29; 174 pages 
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33 BROWNLEE, RICHARD S. Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy : Guerrilla Warfare in the West, 1861-1865
Louisiana State University Press 1958 Hardcover Very Good with no dust jacket 
274 pages, 4 plates, map endpapers, cloth, very good. Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy is a history of the Confederate guerrillas who - under the ruthless command of such men as William C. Quantrill and 'Bloody Bill' Anderson - plunged Missouri into a bloody, vicious conflict of an intensity unequaled in any other theater of the Civil War. Among their numbers were Frank and Jesse James and Cole and James Younger, who would later become infamous by extending the tactics they had learned during the war into civilian life. ; 274 pages 
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34 Buchanan, Lamont. A Pictorial History of the Confederacy.
New York Bonanza Books 1961 Reprint Hardcover Very Good in Good dust jacket 
288 pages, well illustrated, cloth, DJ, 8 by 11 inches, very good in good dust jacket. From the collection of Laurence Dring and with his business card "Soldier of fortune specializing in Civil Wars". From the Soldier of Fortune obituary by Jim Graves: "Lawrence W. Dring II, whose almost legendary career in Special Forces was described in a three-part Soldier of Fortune magazine series - February, March and April 1982 - died 25 August 1983 of a seizure and heart attack caused by complications from wounds he suffered in Vietnam. In four tours in Vietnam - most of it with MIKE Forces (Mobile Guerrilla Force) in the Central Highlands - Dring carved out a career as a soldier that frankly, I don't know who could match. Dring started out as an enlisted man and came out in 1968 as a captain. Along the way he earned, among other decorations, many of the medals grunts have respect for: two Silver Stars, four Bronze Stars, two Soldier's Medals, the Cambodian Medaille Militaire, four Vietnamese Crosses of Gallantry and five Purple Hearts." B27-7; 288 pages 
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35 Buel, James William Hero Tales of the American Soldier and Sailor, As Told by Themselves and Their Comrades. the Unwritten History of American Chivalry
Philadelphia Hero Publishing Company 1899 First Edition Hardcover Very Good with no dust jacket 
503 pages, double-page color frontisplace, plates, pictorial cloth, very good. From Mark Barnes' THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR AND PHILIPPINE INSURRECTION, 1898-1902: "Work is a contemporary narrative and lavishly illustrated history of the Spanish-American War by a well-known author specializing in American history in the late nineteenth century, James William Buel (1849-1920). Included are a number of first-person accounts of the conflicts by officers and enlisted personnel of the US Army and Navy." From the foreword: "Other nations, drunk with ambition, glorifying in aggrandizement, cannot comprehend the great American Republic, and thus characteristically misjudge our purposes, and condemn the administration of our Government. Our war with Spain has served to disillusion the statesmen of Europe, to quicken their slow intelligence, to flood their darkened understanding, and to give them an appreciation of the magnitude of our capabilities as a nation and our patriotism as a people." 
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36 Buffum, Francis Henry A Memorial of the Great Rebellion: Being a History of the Fourteenth Regiment New-Hampshire Volunteers, Covering its Three Years of Service, with Original Sketches of Army Life. 1862-1865 Issued by the Committee of Publication [Charles P. Hall, John W. Sturtevant, Samuel L. Gerould, Francis H. Buffum]
Boston Franklin Press 1882 First Edition Hardcover Good with no dust jacket 
X, 443 pages, plates, map, tables, cloth, binding shaken otherwise very good. Dornbusch I, NH #57. From the preface: "The Fourteenth Regiment, twenty years after its organization and seventeen years after its work in the Great Rebellion was done, publishes its memorial volume. And still it is the first organization of Union volunteers from the Granite State to issue a work of this kind. "; 790 pages 
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37 Bush, Bryan S. The Civil War Battles of the Western Theatre. [Signed]
Paducah, KY Turner Publishing, Inc. 1998 1563114348 / 9781563114342 Hardcover Very Good in Very Good dust jacket Signed by Author
204 pages, illustrations, tables, maps, pictorial boards, dust jacket, very good. SIgned by author on front blank endpaper. Technical advisers John C. Harrison III and D. Steve Munson. From the DJ: "Never has anything comparable to this massive volume been published on the Western Theatre in America's War Between the States. Bush takes the reader through every major battle in the West complete with an order of battle listing all units involved for each confrontation. Richly illustrated with nearly 700 photographs maps, charts and drawings to embellish each detailed account. You'll see extraordinary full color features of some of the most outstanding artifact collections in the world, all of Western Theatre battles and men who fought them. " "Great battle narratives... The order of battle listing every unit involved is a monumental reference." ; 11.32 X 8.82 X 0.70 inches; 204 pages; Signed by Author 
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38 Butler, William Allen A Retrospect of Forty Years: 1825-1865
New York Charles Scribner's Sons 1911 Hardcover Good 
XVIII, [2], 442 pages, 14 plates, cloth, ex-library with usual library markings otherwise very good. Edited by his daughter Harriet Allen Butler. From the preface: "As many of my father's most vital memories clustered about the Civil War, they naturally led him into a discussion of its causes; and in this book, besides the narrative of my father's early life, will be found a continuous and succinct account of the growth of the anti-slavery sentiment. " William Allen Butler (1825 - 1902) American lawyer, author and poet, contributed frequently to periodicals, in prose and in poetry, including the series The Cities of Art and The Early Artists, and humorous one The Colonel's Club which appeared in Literary World. He wrote a number of books including biographies of Evert Duyckinck, Samuel Tilden, and Martin Van Buren. ; Ex-Library; 442 pages 
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39 CARTER, SAMUEL III The Last Cavaliers, Confederate and Union Cavalry in the Civil War
New York St. Martin's Press, 1979 Hard Cover Very Good in Good dust jacket 
338 pages, illustrations, cloth, dj, very good. From the dj: Though a bloody and brutal affair, the American Civil War gave rise to a number of legendary military figures, and probably the most lionized were in the cavalry. Samuel Carter III, a recognized Civil War authority, demonstrates the sure hand of a master storyteller in this, the first full-length history of the dashing, valiant, and often marvelously eccentric Civil War cavalry leaders and their men. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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40 Catton, Bruce A Stillness At Appomattox.
Garden City, NY Doubleday & Co. , 1953 Hard Cover Very Good in Poor dust jacket 
438 pages, cloth, dust jacket little soiled else v. G. From the dust jacket: "This is the story of the last desperate, heartbreaking, cruel year of the Civil War. In the winter of 1864, the Army of the Potomac stood at the crossroads. " 
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